Why should you trust Carotec? Because we take the same supplements we offer you and our lifestyles are mated to our interest in health. We have earned the trust of thousands by providing reliable information without hyperbole and empty promises of miracles. Robust health has our highest priority. When you contact Carotec you will be talking to someone who is profoundly interested in realizing optimal health in our unhealthy modern environment.

What does “good health” mean to you? How do you know whether you should supplement your diet? What are your goals for energy, stamina, clear thinking and procreating healthy children?

Answers to those important questions are not quick and easy. You need to devote time and thought to your own unique situation. You need to develop your philosophy of health. In times like these, with all the hype and lies tossed in with the stress of modern living, you cannot afford to be lackadaisical.

Each of us is a unique individual—a mind-brain-body combination creature designed to perform a myriad functions during a lifetime—walking, talking, running, dancing, playing, working, doing, creating, building, thinking, loving, sharing and procreating.

Despite the monopoly scientific establishment and its media prostitutes constantly seeking to denigrate nutrition and supplements, biologists are continuing to understand some of the biological complexities that make us tick—and sick. Recent discoveries in vitamin K2, the palm tocotrienols and the role of retinol/vitamin A in cell energy production all point to new learning. All we lay people can know for sure is that our bodies are designed to be nourished, not “junked up.” Junk food is a popular phrase today; it is also an oxymoron because if it is junk, it can’t be food.

At Carotec, our basic health philosophy has not changed since we started—we want robust cell energy production, which is the key to life. This was proved in the 1930’s by the remarkable work of William F. Koch in the field of cell respiration and cancer. Every cell in our bodies must produce robust energy in order to have optimal molecular communications and gene repair systems to maintain health.

The cells of your body accomplish a surprisingly complex array of tasks to keep you up to speed. Cell energy failure is at the root of all disease. A toxin is a toxin because it interferes with cell energy generation.

At Carotec we place our strongest emphasis on nutrients and special molecules that promote cell oxidation cycles that enhance various structure and functions of the body parts.

Our society is crumbling because of chronic and metabolic disease conditions caused by our poor quality mass-produced “cheap” food supply, our “fast junk/soda pop” lifestyles, and the myriad air, water, soil, electronic and drug infestations polluting virtually everything.

If you truly want better health, you must think about all of these things. Typically, we Americans fail to realize the facts of rampant poor health because we live in an age where sub-clinical deficiencies and insufficiencies, and accumulating toxins are shrugged or drugged away.

Drawing up a list of accumulative toxins can be a mind-boggling experience. White denatured flour in commercial breads and refined sugar are easy items to start a list. How about the fibers in clothing constantly massaging our skin? You don’t need to feel uncomfortable for toxic effects to take place.

Do you have mercury/amalgam fillings in your teeth? Are you living and breathing within the perpetual sea of electro-magnetic fields of every imaginable and unimaginable kind? Cell phones, microwave towers and high-tension power transmission lines are only the more obvious EMF sources. Do you work at a computer? Use an electric hair dryer? Watch television?

Let’s not forget microwave-cooked foods, or fluoride and chlorine in tap water; or off-gassing from building materials and carpets. The recent Chinese dry wall scandal merely highlighted an on-going problem.

Home cooking has slipped away in millions of homes today, but those who do it mostly take foods out of a package and cook it. Do you take an extra step to procure fresh, organic produce; raw milk, free-range chicken and grass fed meats? You will be way ahead of families who don’t.

Every pollutant or deficiency listed so far is cumulative—toxins add up and drugs don’t solve deficiencies.

As scary as all this toxic talk may be, it may be less of a problem than some of the bogus hype and poor quality products flooding the expanding market for healthier living.

Society has apparently survived the “saturated fat and cholesterol panic” and the truth about trans fatty acids finally came out, but we are still inundated with bad advice, quick fixes, magic jungle herbs and miracle pills made in China so they are cheap and so forth.

For optimal health people need what we have been providing for the past quarter century—reliable information and top quality, well researched supplements.

In spite of the U.S. spending more money per capita on health care than any other country in the world, deaths by cardiovascular disease are 34% and by cancer 23%. That means: roughly 1 in 3 Americans die of heart-related disease and 1 in 4 die of cancer. Pathetic.

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