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Eye Nourish Plus
Eye Nourish Plus
In light of new environmental threats and a significant supplement discovery, we have revised our original Eye Nourish formula: it now contains an extract from maqui berry which helps moisten dry eyes.
Our Eye Nourish Plus is a cutting edge formula: we literally broke ground in having a proper amount of Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-Zeaxanthin in organic coconut oil and medium chain triglycerides.
The organic coconut oil and medium chain triglycerides in Eye Nourish Plusaren't just any garden variety, commodity oils: our organic coconut oil is made by a chilled centrifuge process and only uses the "core" of carefully selected coconuts. It is of extremely high quality—very low "moisture" and retains all of the natural constituents of coconut oil. Our medium chain triglycerides, too, are made as purely as possible, without chemical contaminants.
The selected oil in Eye Nourish Plus gives lutein, zeaxanthin and MaquiBright® biological life: key fats make these substances more bio available.
In our improved formula, we add another ingredient: MaquiBright®, which has two impressive preclinical studies showing it to moisten the eyes—from within.
Exposure to man made blue light, not natural blue rays from sunlight, from computers, cell phones, high definition TVs and other devices is damaging our eyes. The consequences of repeated exposure to high energy blue light are immediate:
• Damage to the photoreceptor layer in as little as 18 hours!
• Retinal damage and cell death in as little as 9 days!

MaquiBright®, the newest ingredient in our formula not only helps with the effects of man made blue light, but helps with the very common issue of "dry eye syndrome". Exposure to computers, TVs and other devices causes an imbalance in tear production. Clinical investigations with MaquiBright® demonstrate a profound restoration of natural tear-fluid production from tear glands, causing a dramatic reduction of dry eye-related symptoms. MaquiBright®: is the only standardized extract of maqui (botanical name Aristotelia chilensis) berries, providing rich purified flavonoids of which 25% represent delphinidins and 35% anthocyanins.
Increased tear production was achieved with 30mg of MaquiBright® (one soft gel of Eye Nourish Plus) and more so with 60 mg (two soft gels of Eye Nourish Plus) within 30 and 60 days in clinical trials.
Mixed carotenoids also play a crucial role in eye health, but not just any carotenoids. Only 3 carotenoids are found in the eye- Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Meso-Zeaxanthin. Our unique formula combines these with organic coconut oil, and medium chain tryglycerides for maximum absorption.

The bottom line: Eye Nourish Plus helps eye health—from basic nutritional support to dire instances, Eye Nourish Plus should be your number one choice for eye health.
Eye Nourish Plus contains 60 softgels per bottle. Two soft gels provide: 20 mg lutein (marigold), 10 mg Zeaxanthin (4 mg derived from marigold, 3 mg derived from paprika. 3 mg meso-zeaxanthin from marigold) and 60 mg MaquiBright® from maqui berry. 402 mg Coconut oil and MCT (medium chain triglyceride3s). Other ingredients: Gelatin capsule (bovine, glycerin, purified water, bilberry fruit extract), yellow beeswax. Contains: tree nuts (coconut). 2 soft gels suggested per day.
Suggested dose: 2 per day with meals. Or as recommended by a physician.

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