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OPC Complete
OPC Complete
Carotec's new OPC Complete (replaces Grape OPC Plus). We named it "OPC Complete" because we have the most bio available and recognized sources of OPC, from grape seed and French maritime pine bark in one product. You no longer need to worry about which is better because both grape seed and pine bark OPCs are in OPC Complete.

OPCs refer to oligomeric proanthocyanidins, which were successfully isolated and described by Dr. Jacques Masquelier in July 1948. OPCs are far superior to "bioflavonoids."

OPCs are powerful compounds, carefully processed from grape seed and pine bark. Even though grape seed and pine bark OPCs are similar in chemical structure, there are differences between the two. Grape seed OPCs have certain gallic esters not found in pine bark OPCs.

OPCs have fantastic health-giving properties and the most well-known is the fact that OPCs are "vascular" friendly, supporting blood vessels and vascular function, helping every organ in the body.

OPCs help our brain, eyes, heart, and many more organs and systems in our body. OPCs support collagen synthesis, the "glue" that hold us together. OPCs also help recycle vitamin C. Both grape seed and French maritime pine bark OPCs are now in our recently revised Vitamin C Plus.

Oligopin®, our source of French maritime pine bark OPCs, traces back to Dr. Masquelier because he did his original extraction work with pine bark OPCs at the same facility which makes our product.

It takes a lot of pine bark and grape seeds and sophisticated chemistry to make OPCs. This is why simply buying "grape seed extract" or "pine bark extract" isn't good enough because many "grape seed" and "pine bark" extracts are merely ground up of seeds and bark—they are not even remotely close to OPCs. Other "extracts" use dangerous solvents which are left in the finished product.

A key aspect to the bioavailability and usefulness of OPCs deals with what is complex chemistry— isolating compounds which have a low molecular weight, making them usable by the body. Larger compounds block absorption, making ill-made OPC products of little use and possibly not good for the body. We have never sacrificed quality when it comes to any product and OPCs are an important example of getting it right.

OPC COMPLETE contains: • 50 mg Masquelier® Original Grape OPC, • 50 mg Oligopin® French Maritime Pine Bark OPC. 60 capsules per bottle. Take one (1) capsule per day on empty stomach (45 minutes before, or 2 hours after full meal) with ample liquid. Or as directed by a physician.

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OPC Complete- 1 bottle OPC $32.00
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OPC Complete- 4 bottles OPCK4 $108.00

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