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Prebiotic BioEcolians

Prebiotic BioEcolians

We are thrilled to launch a revolutionary pre-biotic called BioEcolians, which is the result of using natural substances with advances in biochemistry to achieve a "smart, natural molecule."

BioEcolians literally helps feed the healthy microflora in our systems which is proven in a clinical study.

A human clinical study and animal studies show BioEcolians increases gut lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, without taking any additional lactobacillus or bifidobacteria! Also, BioEcolians increased defensins, made by our bodies, which help our "innate immunity."

BioEcolians is designed to feed our microflora—this is how it is able to boost healthy bacteria, without taking a "probiotic" supplement. In a clinical study, participants took BioEcolians and had their feces tested—the study showed that probiotic levels increased, without taking probiotics, in as few as 7 days and increased considerably in 28 days.

The study focused on people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and those in the study reported remarkable benefits, at 2 grams per day for 7 days, then, 1 gram per day. You can, though, continue to take 2 grams per day, without any problem.

BioEcolians study results:

• Increases gut Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria;

• Reduces the sensation of digestive discomfort (bloating, pain);

• Improves bowel movement;

• Promotes short chain fatty acids producing bacteria; and

• Stimulates b-defensins production.

You may have never heard of "b-defensins" production, but, a 2006 paper on ScienceDirect.com explains the importance of b-defensins quite well: "Defensins are a family of antimicrobial peptides and vital contributors to host immune response. Being constitutively or inducibly expressed, they have been shown to contribute to innate host defense via direct bactericidal activity, as well as to adaptive immunity through effector and regulatory functions. Defensins are an efficient part of the first line of host defense because of their ability to recognize and neutralize invading microorganisms quickly and specifically. Defensins show antimicrobial activities against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacterial strains and fungi, as well as some parasites and enveloped viruses."

Benefitting the gastro-intestinal system by literally feeding healthy microflora (bacteria) may prove to have many benefits.

Prebiotic BioEcolians is for everyone—because using a prebiotic to boost your body's healthy flora—and defense system—is the first step to better health.

Prebiotic BioEcolians

60 grams per jar—one gram measuring scoop.

30 Servings per jar. Serving size 2 scoops.

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Prebiotic BioEcolians-1 jar ECO $29.00
Prebiotic BioEcolians- 2 jars ECOK2 $54.00
Prebiotic BioEcolians- 4 jars ECOK4 $99.00

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