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Skin Nourishment Plus
SKIN NOURISHMENT PLUS Your skin your appearance bears directly on how you live and SNP helps nourish the largest organ in your body. SNP contains three important ingredients that independently help not only the appearance but the quality of your skin. Together, they are synergistic. The first is N Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG) and the second is Collactive®, a combination of collagen and elastin. and the third- Ceramides from the Konjak potato.
NAG makes Hyularonic Acid (HA), which is a key molecule in the skin's extracellular matrix, just as it is in the tendons, eyes, joint padding and fascia. HA decreases with age and many supplement with NAG not only for beautiful skin, but also to help joint pain and help moisten dry eyes. In a double blind placebo controlled published study with 22 females with dry and rough skin, 1 gram of NAG (= to six capsules of Skin Nouirhsment Plus) over 8 weeks significantly improved dry skin conditions the group using NAG had a full point reduction (2.0 being rough/dry and 1.0 indicating wet/smooth); also, Visioscan analysis determined fewer wrinkles and smoother skin. Our NAG (GreenNAG™) meets the highest level of quality. There are many poorly made NAG; not ours. As always, we carefully select the best.
Collactive® is a marine sourced from a leading French company, containing 94% collagen and 6% elastin, matching the skin's content. Collactive® is sourced from deep European waters, not anti-biotic laden farmed fish, and is processed to insure the utmost purity. Collactive® helped to reduce deep wrinkles by 20% within 28 days of 70% of users. The study was conducted at the start of winter by the 84th day; the group using NAG had a protective effect, deep wrinkles decreased by 6% the placebo group's wrinkles worsened by over 50%! Together, The final ingredient in our formula is ceramides from the Konjak potato.
Ceramides are one of the most important components of the skin—helping provide moisture and protective qualities. Imagine your skin as brick and mortar—proteins serve as bricks and fats, such as ceramides constitute 40% of the mortar. Our ceramides are derived from the Konjac tuber a part of the Asian diet for centuries. Konjac tubers have as much as 15 times more ceramides than other foods. Ceramides decline with age, so supplementation is necessary. In tests, orally consumed konjac-ceramide was found absorbed in the skin in animals-establishing that orally ingested ceramides find their way to the epidermis of the skin. Carotec's SKIN NOURISHMENT PLUS (SNP) provides 333mgs of Collactive™ and 167 mgs of Green NAG™ per capsule, 20 mg Ceramides (from Konjak Potato) 180 capsules per bottle.
Not recommended for individuals with shellfish allergies. Suggested dose: 6 per day, divided, with or without meals. Or as recommended by a physician.

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