Cutting Edge from Our Start—
Often Copied, Rarely Credited

Carotec’s history started before our founding in 1985 . . .

Dear reader:

We’re a team, led by journalist Tom Valentine, whose research in health started in 1966. We’re not like any other health company. Today, we’re fiercely independent and offer only select products after careful research. We avoid trends and are not afraid to take on powerful interests within the mainstream medical establishment.

Interviewing, researching, spending time with doctors and survivors of innovative health therapies was Tom’s focus in the 1960’s. Tom met and associated with people such as: Germany’s Hans Nieper and Karl Ransberger; Betty Lee Morales; Charlotte Gerson Strauss; William Donald Kelley; and many other notables in the National Health Federation and Cancer Control Society. Tom and Carole Valentine published a book on Dr. Kelley’s Metabolic Therapy. This therapy—which uses enzymes to fight cancer—was pioneered by Scottish scientist John Beard and now is utilized by Dr. Nicholas Gonzales.

With this background and interest—in a very personal way—Carotec was created to fill a void existing for cutting-edge information and products from people who take their health very seriously. What follows below are some examples of why we are so “cutting edge.” We were among the first to do what’s right and explain why. We point this out because only in the past few years have we been “vindicated” on many of our revolutionary stances. But don’t expect health authors to give us credit; we’re often copied, but rarely “credited.”

Our first few years in the health business broke ground fast, by being the first mail-order seller of Wobenzym N, introducing innovative products like Aerox, and being the first to publish the dangers of the effects of microwaved foods. We were first to introduce flaxseed oil to the United States. In the late 1980’s, we introduced coenzyme Q-10, but, only with a fat (then egg) liposome, because back then we knew Q-10 absorption was the key. Our first and only vitamin E product had substantial amounts of mixed tocopherols. We never offered alpha-tocopherol as a single ingredient. We were right—and we were first.

Tom Valentine’s broadcasting career began in 1988 and Carotec began publishing Search for Health—that became True Health in 1996. We were in the vanguard of many campaigns to educate people about the dangers of vaccines, fluoridation, soy products and trans-fatty acids.

In 1990 we brought Kombucha books and cultures to America, creating the market you see today. In the 1990s, we popularized the use of coconut oil and integrated it with key products like Q-10. At a time when Americans feared saturated fats, we opened the market for coconut butter, now found in healthfood stores across the country.

We wrote about the dangers of DHEA and soy—and were viciously attacked for doing so. Once again we were nearly alone in doing so. However, many now mimic our positions. We were the first to publish Dr. Budwig’s Photoelements of Life in 1995, and it appeared as part of our Search for Health anthology.

Since 2000, nothing has stopped: we introduced Neptune Krill Oil® to America—now well-known to health enthusiasts. We have actually settled the “milk” controversy by being the only American company to fearlessly expose the New Zealand A2/A1 gene controversy. Both vegan and milk advocates (including raw milk) are both right and wrong about the dangers and benefits of milk. Still, no one dares to touch this story.

—The Carotec Team

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